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Seamless Digital X-Ray Integration

Quick Ceph Studio accepts any digital x-ray image from machines such as Gendex, Instrumentarium, Kodak, Planmeca, Sirona, and others. Since all Macintosh computers can easily share files with Windows machines, you can easily access your x-ray images from any Macintosh in your office network.

To do this, simply make a shared folder on your PC computer that stores all of the x-ray images. Then, connect your computers on the same network and set the Macintosh computer to automatically log into the PC containing the digital x-ray images at startup. You will see the PC hard drive icon (displayed to the left) indicating that you are sharing files with this computer. From here, you can simply drag and drop the x-ray images onto the Quick Ceph Studio icon to import them into the program.

We also offer seamless integration with Planmeca. Once the Planmeca Plugin for Quick Ceph Studio is installed, the user can capture x-ray images from Planmeca digital x-ray machines directly into the patient's file in Quick Ceph Studio. The Planmeca machine can be accessed across an ethernet network from anywhere in the office, allowing enhanced versatility when designing or setting up your office.